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How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet

How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet

Though most fluids are easy enough to wash out of a carpet, certain substances, such as food coloring, juices, makeup pigments, and blood, are much harder to remove.

Blood stains are probably the creepiest messes you may encounter on your carpet, but once you’ve had a clumsy moment, there’s no time to be grossed out.

The sooner you work on getting out that stain, the less chance it will set in.

A bit of advice here is that calling a professional carpet cleaner is the best way to ensure your carpeting is 100% stain free.

However, cleaning up the mess yourself could at least prevent a long-term mark if you can’t call an expert immediately.

So, let’s get to it; here are a few easy ways how to get blood out of carpet.

Dish Soap Solution

Dish soap is easily available and the simplest rug or carpet restoration method.

A teaspoon of dish soap mixed with a cup of cold water will tackle fresh and dried bloodstain.

To use it, soak up the in a sponge and wring out the excess till slightly damp.

Blot the stain to soak it in.

Dried blood stains will take more time than a new ones, as well as more turns soaking and wringing the sponge in the dish soap solution.

Once the stain is all soaked up, clean the area with a clean, damp rag to remove the soapy residue.

Leave the carpet to dry in the air or with a wet vacuum cleaner.

Vinegar Solution

Here’s another carpet or rug cleaner you can find in your kitchen—white vinegar.

Vinegar is acidic, which means it can cut down the blood stain to the microbial level and remove it from the carpet fibers.

To use vinegar on blood stains, mix one part vinegar and two parts warm water, and add the solution to a spray bottle.

Spray on the stained section, blotting it continuously.

Repeat the spray until all the blood has dissolved, and repeatedly blot the place, changing rags at intervals.

Once the stain is completely gone, leave the carpet to air-dry.

Note: A dilute vinegar solution is essential since raw vinegar will cause the carpet’s color to fade away.

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Hydrogen Peroxide

If the blood stain has dried a bit or is too soaked into the carpet, you may need to resort to something more acidic than vinegar.

Hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid, but it can cause serious discoloration on a carpet or rug—which is why you should seek help from a rug cleaning company in Manhattan.

Do a hydrogen peroxide patch test on a concealed corner of the carpet to check if the colors can withstand the acidity.

To apply hydrogen peroxide to the blood stain, soak a clean rag and dab the stain (make sure to wear gloves first).

Blot the stain repeatedly (see this video for correctly using hydrogen peroxide on carpet fibers).

Keep blotting till the stain vanishes.

To remove hydrogen peroxide residue from the carpet, use a clean rag soaked in cold water, and dry it.

Cornstarch Paste

This homemade carpet cleaner works well if the blood stain has dried and prevents discoloration.

Make a thick paste out of cold water and cornstarch (if you don’t have cornstarch, you can use salt instead).

Your paste should be gritty, like a brownie batter.

Carefully spread the paste on the dried blood stain, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes (do NOT scrub the paste in the fibers).

Blot the stain with a clean rag soaked in cold water till it soaks up the stain.

Air-dry the carpet and vacuum the cornstarch residue.

Baking Soda & White Vinegar Solution

This technique works with carpet washing for both wet and dry bloodstains.

To make the solution, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water and white vinegar each (double the quantity for a larger stain).

Check out this video for instructions to make the mixture.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle, shake well, and apply directly onto the stain till well-soaked.

Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then blot the carpet with a clean, damp rag to soak up the residue.

Allow the carpet to air dry, and use the vacuum cleaner to clean up any baking soda.

Final Tip: Call Ajami Rug Clean & Repair For A Job Well Done

All the methods on how to get blood out of carpet will work well, but there’s a chance you’ll be left with some traces of the stain.

As a leading rug cleaning company in Manhattan, we do top-notch carpet and rug cleaning—with expertise in all sorts of stain removal.

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