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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Oriental rug is one of the home pieces that holds great value because of its intricate details and unique designs.

It must be nice to own such a thing, but a proud owner should also know how to take good care of this wonderful floor covering.

Carefully hand-woven out of natural materials such as wool, cotton, or silk, these oriental rugs require gentle cautious hands when cleaning them.

Good thing there are experts we can call for a professional oriental rug cleaning service.

One of the reputable cleaning companies is Ajami Rug Clean&Repair in Manhattan.

We would love to be at your service today, so let’s find out how we can help you!

Signs that your Oriental Rug needs Restoration Service

Oriental rugs are a delicate piece that can easily deteriorate when you do not maintain its cleanliness.

Specifically, the hand-woven oriental rugs require an expert to clean it thoroughly and correctly.

However, unfortunate incidents happen and we sometimes forget our responsibility in maintaining our precious oriental rugs.

Thankfully, there are cleaning service providers suitable for your restoration needs.

If you think you are in-need of professional help for cleaning your oriental rugs, here are some common signs you should closely look at.

Tough and excessive stains

Accidental spills, muddy footwear, or inevitable pet urine can cause tough stains on your rug.

Your initial reaction might be taking off the rug and intensely scrubbing the stains, but this is NOT ADVISABLE.

The smart thing to do so you can remove the deep stains is to call professional rug cleaners to conduct the correct way of rug cleaning process.

Stinky Smell or Foul Odour

If you are getting a stinky smell in your house, try to sniff your oriental rug.

Having the fear that your rug might wear out from cleaning will result in accumulation of sweat, dust, moisture, and other types of dirt and release a musty odor.

A deep cleaning and sanitation will remove all the dirt and horrible smell, leaving your rug clean with a nice fresh scent.

Don’t worry professionally cleaned oriental rugs do not easily wear out rather experts clean the item to extend its lifespan.

Rough Appearance

Without proper maintenance, your oriental rug will start to fade, discolor, tear, and deform itself.

It is good if you notice early signs of tearing or discoloration on your oriental rug before it gets worse.

In this way, you can call for a deep cleaning service and have your rug restored in no time.

Why is it nice to have a regular cleaning service for your oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs deserve the best care because they are timeless and more of an investment rather than an expensive purchase.

It gets more valuable as time passes by which is why it is necessary to hire professional cleaning experts to handle your oriental rugs.

To convince you more, here is a list of why you should get regular oriental rug cleaning service:

  1. Experts went through training to learn the proper techniques of cleaning rugs and carpets.
  2. They use the appropriate cleaning chemical to avoid color bleeding.
  3. Professional cleaners use a special soft laundry cleaner to remove tough stains.
  4. Experts prolong the life of your oriental rug by making it softer and cleaner from allergens and bacteria infestations.
  5. They also use a gentle cleaning method to avoid wrinkling or tearing your oriental rugs.
  6. They deliver your oriental rug looking brand new with a pleasant smell as you like.
  7. Experts ensure that your rug is deeply sanitized and free from germs.

Give the best care for your Oriental Rugs with Ajami Rug Clean&Repair

In getting professional cleaning service, you should hire the most reputable and trusted company within your proximity.

Since Oriental rug is a delicate hand-woven piece, you need to know if the experts you hire are truly professional and can do the job right.

Also, you should consider the location of the company just in case you need an emergency rug cleaning or repair services.

If you are residing in Manhattan, you can find Ajami Rug Clean&Repair Company.

We provide high-quality gentle cleaning and repair for rugs, carpets, and many more!

You can trust our company with your precious oriental rugs.

Assuring you that we have:

  • Licensure and Certificate
  • Done several cleaning services with great feedback from recent customers
  • Complete with tools and cleaning equipment
  • Conducts sanitation including COVID-19 disinfection

Call us today for a thorough and gentle Oriental Rug Cleaning service!


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