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For both residential and commercial clients, we provide expert cleaning services for carpets and rugs of all sizes, styles, and materials.

Large office carpets, wall-to-wall carpeting, and fragile antique rugs are all tasks that our professionals are capable of handling. Local cleaning crews can also offer emergency rug cleaning as a same-day or next-day service if you’ve had an accident.

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Why choose Ajami Rug Clean & Repair?

Whether it’s time to freshen up the carpets in your home or breathe new life into your office floor, we are ready to help.

The right people for the job:

We use professional carpet cleaning machines and shampoos

Our carpet cleaners are experienced, trained, and licensed

We work around your schedule at a time that’s convenient for you

We always review our prices and offer fantastic deals

Clean results are guaranteed for all jobs

Our services

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

6 signs you need professional carpet cleaning?

Your carpet has lost its original color

The carpet has an unpleasant smell

Shoes are not taken off by the door

The carpet thread appears different in areas.

The carpet has stubborn stains

Your indoor air quality needs improving

What are the benefits?

Optimize the look and your health.

Carpet Cleaning

Eliminate Dust Mites

Dust mites can cause people to suffer from nasty allergies if not removed. Steam cleaning carpets professionally kills deeply embedded dust mites once and for all!

Odor Removal

Remove Trapped Pollutants

Pollutants including insect allergens, skin/hair shed, everyday dust, and dirt can contaminate your spaces. Professional carpet cleaners use specialist shampooing formulas to remove the trapped pollutants, regardless of how deep they are trapped.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Company Costs in Upper West Side, Manhattan

Prevent Mould

Water soaks into fibers and encourages mold growth, leading to respiratory problems. Professional carpet cleaning includes a drying element to remove any moisture left behind, remove any mold that was there previously, and prevent any new growth from appearing.

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