As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the fresh and clean condition of your house.

However, there are instances when your house looks clean but it smells so bad.

You may have every household chore under your control but sometimes unfortunate events can get in the way.

Some unpleasant odor comes from places we least expect it that’s why we are having a hard time to locate the cause

Thankfully, through the rise of our economy, we now have professional cleaners and helpers who can do the task for us.

Find out how you can remove that persistent stinky smell in your house today!

Common Sources of Bad Odor in your House

There are many possible sources of the less-than-pleasant scent in your house.

As you look for the source, make sure to tick of everything on the list below:

Garbage Disposal

The number one corner that you should check is the trash can.

From food waste to solid wastes, it accumulates every stinky odor of our house.

Even if throwing the trash is part of your routine, you might miss a single bag or two.

These might have been sitting in your kitchen or garage for a while now and causing the stinky smell.

Dirty sink

Next on our list is a dirty or smelly kitchen sink.

Some people dispose of their kitchen scraps on their sink which is a bad idea because it will only cause a smelly odor and clogged sink on the latter to come.

In some cases, your dishwasher sink became the breeding ground for stinky mold due to rotten food bits.

Whatever the cause is, if you smell something off on your kitchen sink, have it checked right away before it gets worse.

Dirty rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets easily catch dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, and sometimes spills.

When you neglect cleaning them, the dirt will accumulate more and start to smell really badly.

So, it’s important to have rug or carpet cleaning services to avoid this.

Dirty Laundry

The clothes, towels, or bed sheets you forgot to wash tend to draw more bacteria in them.

A study showed that the type of bacteria they start to breed is called Moraxella osloensis. 

This bacter initiates the smelly odor thus, it’s essential to always check and wash your dirty laundry.


Like humans, proper hygiene is also essential for pets to prevent them from smelling bad.

Plus, letting your pet stink is a bad pet owner characteristic.

Aside from bad odour, your pets may also get sick if you let the dirt and mud infiltrate them

Smelly sewer in your basement

Another possible source of bad smell is the dried-out P-trap in your drain pipe or sewer.

This section of pipe should have water to block sewer gas from entering your home.

Once it dries out, the gas hydrogen sulfide may enter your house and irritate your eyes, throat which leads to serious health problems.

How to maintain the fresh and clean odor in my house?

Now that we tackled the possible sources of bad smell in your house, let’s move on to mitigation plans.

You need to practice for a certain routine to regularly check the air quality and smell of your house.

Here are tips you can follow to maintain a good scent in your house.

  1. Don’t mask the bad smell in your house with a candle or air freshener.
    Identify the odor right away by looking into the common sources of bad smell in your room.
  2. Have a regular cleaning schedule at your place to remove the dust, mold, and other dirt.
  3. Open your windows especially if you are cooking or cleaning your house to let the air flow circulate properly
  4. Bathe your pets regularly
  5. Maintain a weekly wash of your laundry and sheets
  6. You can use air purifier to eliminate indoor pollutants
  7. Use odor absorber on places like your fridge using baking soda or charcoal

Final Note: Seek Professional Odor Removal Service

In serious cases, there are bad odors that can’t be removed by simple home remedies.

If you are in the middle of a serious odor problem at your place, seek a professional odor removal service.

You can rely on Ajami Rug Clean&Service for a safe and effective odor removal service.

We efficiently clean and eliminate odors such as:

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