Every homeowner can relate how difficult it is to have a broken water pipe at your place.

Frankly, any water-related damage is an overwhelming issue that must be resolved right away.

It is a difficult emergency situation, but thankfully, there are people we can call for help.

Look around, water damage restoration services are just around the corner!

Here in Manhattan, Ajami Rug Clean&Repair is the most reliable when it comes to fixing your home.

We are the nearest clean and repair services in your area, always ready to provide a prompt water damage restoration.

Common Signs of Water Damage at your Place

The last thing you want is letting water damage grow in your place without even noticing it.

Whether it is your home or office, water damage can cause long-term inconvenience to you and your family.

Once the damage spreads extremely, serious health threats and detriments will follow after.

Some water problems are noticeable, while others hardly show any sign and only reveal the deterioration part when the damage is beyond repair.

With that, you should regularly observe your place and see if there are signs of water damage.

To help you, here is a list of the common water damage signs:

Spots and Streaks on the Walls

One of the primary signs of water damage is having discoloration on the painting of your walls.

Dark spots and streaks of color yellow or brown indicate that you have water leaks issues at your place.

It may also be a side effect of strong rainfall, but if the spots are recurring, you should call a professional technician to find the root cause for this.

Cracks on walls and deteriorating wall paint

Walls and ceilings made of plaster often crack when there is damage on your water pipes.

Due to excess moisture or water leaks, the wall gets too soft.

Two things could happen: the bubbling of paints and the appearance of cracks.

If you notice bubbling or cracking on your walls, don’t try to repair them on your own.

Some wall cracks hide toxic mold infestations that can make you sick while the bubbles can cause further damage when you pop them on your own.

Rushing Water Sound

Another water damage symptom is when you hear sounds such as slow dripping or running water even if all the faucets are not in use.

This sign is a strong indication that requires immediate action because an unnecessary running water can cause a dramatic increase on your water bills.

A momentary solution is to turn off the water supply and call the nearest water damage restoration company for a prompt action.

Another tip to recognize water damage is to regularly check your water bills for unreasonable increases.

Visible Mold Infestations

Next sign is when you notice the appearance of toxic molds.

Frankly, this symptom is highly dangerous not only to the stability of the house but more prominently to your health.

Molds can cause serious breathing problems when you are exposed for quite a long time.

Upon noticing infestation of brown to black spots on your walls, immediately call a trusted technician for an emergency mold removal and repair the main cause of it.

How can Ajami Rug Clean&Repair help you?

Unexpected natural disasters can cause serious water damage at your house or building.

Once your place is affected, dealing with the damage can be threatening and overwhelming at the same time.

You can trust Ajami Rug Clean&Repair, the most reputable carpet cleaning company!

We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services within the beautiful city of Manhattan.

We safely conduct a thorough restoration plan to extract all the excessive water, leaving your place spotless of the damage.

Whether the water problem is small-scale or large-scale; our door is open to assist you.

To help you recover from this unfortunate incident, our water damage restoration plan includes the following:

Call us today for an immediate water damage restoration service!

We assure you of high-quality cleaning and restoration services including: mold removal, water damage repair, rug cleaning, and carpet cleaning.


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