Oriental carpet is a timeless piece that can complement almost any type of home furniture set up.

It may be expensive, but this kind of purchase is also an investment since some oriental rugs have valuable assets.

This is particularly true with the ones intricately hand-woven, made of natural materials, and preserved pre-WWII era.

If you own a unique oriental carpet, you should take extra good care of it to preserve its design and material for a greater use in the future.

One way to maintain the delicateness of your oriental carpet is to hire professional cleaners to properly remove stains and dirt.

In today’s world, carpet cleaning services are everywhere.

The only challenge is to find the company for you who can provide the best Oriental Carpet Cleaning.

Reasons for Hiring Experts to perform Oriental Carpet Cleaning you

Hiring professional helpers to clean your handmade carpets offers several benefits.

Improvement is the primary reason why you should hire experts to do the cleaning task.

The sanitizing, deodorizing, and overall cleaning process of your carpet will surely improve its appearance, smell, and quality.

Specifically, a well-maintained and cleaned oriental carpet will have the following traits:

  1. Free from Harmful Allergens and Bacteria
  2. Prevent mold growth or infestation
  3. Longer lifespan because of its regulated quality
  4. Provide a clean and comforting ambiance
  5. Add style and color as a decorative piece at your house.

Consequently, neglecting to clean and merely sweep or vacuum your oriental carpet will result in unfortunate consequences.

To name a few, a dirty and barely maintained oriental carpet will turn into the following:

  1. Discoloration of the overall design and appearance
  2. Tough stains will cause permanent damage
  3. Untreated stains will attract more dirt and germs that can pose serious health threats
  4. Molds may start to grow and spread around your house.
  5. Untreated dirt will begin to cut and tear itself through the carpet fibers and cause serious damage.

How often should I have my Oriental Carpet professionally cleaned?

The amount of times you send your oriental carpet for a professional cleaning also matters.

If you book a cleaning appointment too frequently, it can cause some damage to your handmade carpet since it can be a little fragile.

All the more if you don’t book an appointment at all and leave your carpet with no proper maintenance, it will cause some serious damage as well.

Now, the question is how often should you have your oriental carpets professionally cleaned?

According to experts, the average time you can get your carpets cleaned is every 6 to 12 months depending on foot traffic, pets you own, and unfortunate stain indicidents.

For emergency carpet cleaning and repair, here are some factors you should consider:

  1. When your carpet has been infested by molds, it must be removed immediately.
  2. If there is a huge liquid stain on your carpet such as pet urine or milk that accidentally spilled, you need to have it cleaned right away.
  3. When you notice tearing of your carpet fabric, prompt repair is required.

Ways to take care of my own Oriental Carpets at home

You can’t expect your carpets to be in their best condition if you are not taking preventive measures at home.

So, here are simple tips you can do to maintain the quality of your carpet and prevent the appearance of any damage.

  1.  Vacuum moderately – oriental carpets are mostly made of wool so, daily vacuuming may loosen the fibers.
  2. Don’t expose your oriental carpet to direct harsh sunlight because it can cause discoloration.
  3. Keep your pets away to avoid staining the carpet with muddy paws or urine discharge.
  4. Put blotting as soon as spills happen on your carpet to avoid staining.
  5. Keep outside shoes off to prevent mud or dirt from the roads.

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