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What Neutralizes Dog Urine

What Neutralizes Dog Urine

Dogs make the best pets!

You may not want to think about it now, but at some point, your pet will have an accident indoors, and you’ll need to know how to get rid of the odor of dog urine.

Whatever the reason for an accident—excitement, a full bladder, or simple forgetfulness—the aftermath may be challenging.

But you can fix it!

You just need a few simple household items.

Below, we will review how to remove dog urine from your carpet.

With Some White Vinegar

What you’ll need: water (one cup), white vinegar distilled (one cup), a half cup or quarter cup of baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide 3%

Method: You can combine these ingredients in a spray bottle before thoroughly saturating the affected area with the mixture.

After wiping up as much of the pee as you can with paper towels, do this.

Before attempting to remove it from the carpet, you should moisten the stain with water and blot it up as much as possible.

Put on rubber gloves and use a brush or your fingers to rub the solution into the carpet.

While the carpet is still damp, use either procedure.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then blot until it is dry.

After the stained area has had time to dry completely, sprinkle baking soda over it and vacuum it up to eliminate any leftover odor.

Both vinegar and baking soda are excellent choices for removing urine odors and neutralizing odors before they have a chance to become ingrained, in addition to being safe to use.

Three percent hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on carpets and around animals and is excellent in removing stains.

Instead of utilizing hydrogen peroxide, you can accomplish a comparable outcome with an oxygen-based bleach that is secure for your carpet and your dog.

Bleach with an oxygen basis is also non-toxic.

Never use chlorine bleach to remove pet stains on your rug because it is bad for the rug and your pet.

To prevent the surrounding areas from becoming stained or harmed, always conduct a spot test first in a secret location.

With a Carpet Cleaner

You can remove most stains by creating your cleaning solution with items you can find around the house.

On the other side, there may be times when you need something stronger.

In this case, purchasing a rug cleaner from the market can be advantageous.

But not all commercial goods are created equally.

Several of them will offer little more help than vinegar and water treatment.

The selection of a high-quality product is crucial; only buy something as useful as baking soda.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

If you decide to do the carpet cleaning yourself, plan on devoting a lot of time and effort to the task.

Additionally, you would need to buy cleaning supplies, which could be expensive!

In addition to saving you money, hiring a professional cleaner will free up your valuable time so you can concentrate on other urgent tasks.

Professional cleaners at Ajami Rug Cleaners can clean your carpets in a matter of hours so get in touch now.

We are equipped with everything needed, so you won’t need to worry about hiring more workers or spending money on the instruments needed to remove tough carpet stains.

This enables us to operate more swiftly and deliver higher products at more affordable pricing.

Increase Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Because carpets are expensive, neglecting to maintain them will shorten their life.

The best way to ensure your carpets survive longer and remain fresh for years is to wash and clean them frequently!

You may rest easy knowing that professionals will effectively remove all carpet stains while keeping your carpets safe from harm.

Their special techniques do not include harsh chemicals, which could cause your carpets’ quality to decline and necessitate an early replacement.

Restore the Original Feel of Your Carpet

Walking barefoot on freshly vacuumed carpets with a pleasant aroma is an experience you cannot stop.

By cleaning deep within the carpet fibers without inflicting any damage to the fibers themselves, professional carpet cleaners can return your carpet to its original look and feel.

They use the best quality equipment specifically designed for the various types of materials used in the manufacturing of different types of carpets.

This ensures that the carpets are perfectly cleaned while leaving behind a long-lasting pleasant odor.

Our Final Thoughts

In case, your DIY doesn’t go as planned, contact a professional to help you get your carpet to look daisy fresh!

Ajami Rug Cleaners is one of the best rug cleaning companies in Manhattan.

Known for excellent customer care and the best results delivered.

Get in touch today to help you clean out the furry mess if your DIY on what neutralizes dog urine didn’t work out!

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What Neutralizes Dog Urine

What Neutralizes Dog Urine

Dogs make the best pets! You may not want to think about it now, but at some point, your pet will have an accident indoors,

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