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Area Rug Cleaning

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An area rug is a useful material that accentuates the look of your home furniture.

It also protects us from slippery floors and a great safety base for heavy equipment or furniture.

Moreover, area rugs are a great carrier of dust, pet dander, pollen, and other loose dirt around your house.

It is a necessity to have them cleaned regularly otherwise, you are creating a breeding nest for germs and bacteria to develop.

Over time, the presence of excessive bacteria can cause infestation of allergens and tiny bugs that can pose serious health problems to you, your family, and even your pets.

However, area rug cleaning is not an easy task.

Hiring professional cleaners to conduct a thorough cleaning and sanitation can do a lot of benefits for you.

Find out now how area rug cleaning service is essential!

What is an Area Rug?

An area rug is like a large carpet but with smaller dimensions.

It does not go from wall to wall, but its common sizes are 5’x8’ and 8’x11’ which you can rearrange from time to time.

Area rugs are mostly hand-woven and made of natural fibers.

Due to its size and materials, an area rug is lightweight and portable.

It can be customized in different shapes and patterns as well.

How to take care of my Area Rug?

As mentioned, area rugs are highly prone to dirt and stains, but with a little cleaning magic, you can maintain the good quality of your rug.

Daily vacuum is the easiest method to prevent the dirt from infiltrating and damaging your rugs.

This will also prevent the appearance of molds and reeking smell.

Next is, you can make a “shoes off” rule on your rugs, especially if you frequently sit there.

Outdoor shoes are one of the main factors that contribute to dirt and germs in your house.

Lastly, have professionals clean your rugs!

They clean better and can make your home more pleasant to live in.

Advantages of Having Professional Area Rug Cleaning

It is nice to have several area rugs at home because they offer several benefits such as:

  • Reducing unnecessary noise
  • Protect your floors from heavy objects
  • Make your home feel cozier because it traps small amounts of heat efficiently.

Beyond all the good parts of having area rugs, there is only one taxing thing to do and that is cleaning them.

While it is true that cleaning area rugs on your own can save you money, the time and sweat you have to pour are still more burdensome.

By having professional cleaners to do it, you will see a radical change on your rugs.

To name a few, here is a list of the advantages of having regular area rug cleaning services:

  1. Professional Cleaning can make your rug look brighter and clear as if it is new!
  2. It will make your room more hygienic due to high-quality sanitation of your area rugs.
  3. Thorough and careful cleaning will extend the lifespan of your rugs.
  4. Professional rug cleaning will prevent you from using the wrong products or techniques.
  5. High-quality cleaning will prevent mold growth and other unwanted bacteria or insects.

When should I have Professional Area Rug Cleaning?

There is no definite time for when you should have professional area rug cleaning.

You can have them deeply cleaned once a year, but some homes require their rugs to be sanitized twice a year.

Here are the factors you should consider in scheduling your area rug cleaning service:

  1. Check if there is any instruction for the cleaning schedule that comes with your rug.
  2. Frequent cleaning is necessary if one of you in your house has chronic allergies.
  3. If you have children who always play by or near your rug/carpet, you should have them cleaned regularly as well.
  4. Light-colored rugs require more cleaning too since the dirt is more visible.
  5. Having pets may require you frequent area rug cleaning as well especially if they often leave stains of their urine on the rug.

Affordable Area Rug Cleaning Service in Manhattan

Area rug cleaning service is not a luxurious service that demands you a sky-high budget.

As a matter of fact, this type of service is way cheaper than you think, you can even get discounts if you have more than three rugs to be washed.

For a spotless and stainless area rug, you can rely on Ajami Rug Clean&Repair – the most affordable rug cleaning company in Manhattan.

We offer a full cleaning service that includes deep washing, scrubbing, sanitizing, drying, and repairing of damaged rugs.

With our professional cleaners who undergo training, we can assure you that our team is ready and equipped to perform any rug or carpet cleaning task!

Call us today so we can turn your dirty area rugs into brand new ones!

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